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Ford Diagnostics

 We regularly undertake vehicle diagnostics and specialist electronic repairs including electronic control module (ECM BCM & Instrument cluster) replacement to Ford vehicles some of which are detailed below. Call us for more information and advice on how we can help you with your requirements. If you need to replace either the engine ECU or Instrument cluster on modern Ford vehicle you will be aware that they are synchronised (Locked) to each other and are not interchangeable with secondhand units, however we are able to 'clone' (Bench program) secondhand units by transferring data files from the original faulty unit to the replacement donor unit enabling a secondhand unit to be fitted with no further programming necessary meaning the original keys will work and in the case of instrument clusters the correct mileage will be displayed.
Ford ECU Programming

ECU'S we regularly program

Bosch EDC16 Series

Marelli IAW5SFx Series

Siemens SID20x Series

Siemens SIMx Series

Fomoco DCUx Series

Delphi ECU

Bosch EDC15

Continental EMSx series

SID 80x series




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Ford Cluster Refurbishing & Programming

 Do you have a Ford Focus Mk2/3 (2004 >) with instrument cluster problems, these regularly fail with faults of warning lights illuminating whilst driving, gauges dropping to zero & failing completely, often this can be temporarily fixed by hitting the top of the dashboard or pushing on the corner of the speedo screen.. eventually the fault may cause the car to not start with the mileage display being blank and the red key recognition light being illuminated permanently? We can fix this! We offer a refurbishing service of your faulty unit with a while you wait service at our repair centre in Norwich or by mail order, or if its beyond repair (Usually broken by people trying to repair themselves) we usually have refurbished units ready for fitting & programming - we also transfer mileage data from your old unit so when fitted the correct mileage will be displayed. If you are local to us in Norwich this can also be done while you wait!
 This repair service is for all variants of Focus 2004 on models, Petrol / Diesel with manual or automatic gearbox including the 'Highline' model as in the lower picture on the left. For more information on instrument cluster repairs click here

 We also regularly replace other Ford clusters on Fiestas, Mondeo, Transit, KA etc by transferring data 'Cloning' enabling secondhand units to be re-used, replacing a cluster using this technique means after it is fitted the mileage display will be correct and no further programming of keys etc is necessary - Call for more details.

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If you need advice on how to remove a Ford Focus instrument cluster so you can send it to us for repair then check out our removal & refitting video guide above!


If you have a non starting / Non cranking Focus with a rapid flashing immobilizer light on the dashboard & need a 'Flash code' explanation then check out our Flash code 16 video guide above!

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Ford BCM Cloning service


 Ford transit Body Control Modules or 'BCM's regularly fail with general faults with the indicators, headlights, tail lights & wipers not working - as you may have discovered it is not possible to simply swap the BCM with a second-hand unit as they are 'coded' to each specific vehicle - however we can re-program a secondhand unit to work in a different vehicle thus solving your faulty Ford Transit BCM problem. This is done by data transfer or 'cloning' the vehicle data - simply send us your original (Faulty) BCM and a replacement unit and within a few days yoou will have a working BCM returned to you ready to fit with no further programming necessary - Please call for details.

Ford KA Body Control Modules (BCM's) are a regular  control unit that needs to be replaced, as these are the main part of a KA's immobiliser it is not possible to replace a faulty BCM on a KA with a secondhand unit from a breakers yard etc - dont worry, we have the solution! We can clone a secondhand BCM from a donor vehicle - even if you old BCM is water damaged & no longer communicates with a diagnostic scanner! - simply send us your faulty Ford KA BCM andd a replacement unit & we will transfer your immobiliser data etc - this cloning process will allow a replacement unit to fit straight onto your KA & work without any further programming necessary - Please call for full details.

We now offer a Ford Ranger BCM Body control module Headlight fault fix (U1000 / U3000 fault code reset) and cloning service
If your Ford Ranger headlights are not working & your BCM has fault codes U1000 & U3000 stored - We have the solution!

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Example Ford Ranger BCM part numbers:


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Ford Power steering module programming

 If you need to replace the EPS (Electronic power steering) unit on a late date Ford you may be aware that they are programmed to the vehicle and the car will not start after fitting! we can reprogram a second-hand PAS unit to work on your car by transferring electronic data from you original unit to a donor unit whilst removed from vehicle - call for price & more information.

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Ford Auto gearbox programming

 Fitted to various models of Ford Automatic cars the 'Easytronic' gearbox ECU can be a little troublesome to say the least! If you have purchased a second-hand unit and tried to fit it you will now be aware that it will need programming to your car - Diagnostic scanners used by garages are not capable of programming these units, however we can! - Simply send us both your original Easytronic unit (Pictured) and the purchased donor unit and we can transfer data from your old unit to the donor thus enabling the second-hand unit to be re-used - cal for more details.

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Ford Airbag Crash data removal

 We can remove crash data from most airbag control units fitted to Ford vehicles. Crash data needs to be removed from SRS control units after a car has had collision and a safety feature has been activated such as seat belt pre-tensioners, airbags, fuel cut-off systems etc. This usually appears as the airbag warning light being illuminated and fails to extinguish when garages try to clear fault codes with a standard diagnostic scanner. Simply remove your airbag control unit, bring it to us for stripping and re-programming and usually it will be ready for collection within 24 hours. Crash data removal starts from 40+vat - please call for more info

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Ebay shop

 We have large stocks of Ford 'Plug & Play' ECU's & clusters etc for sale - tested & warranted for 3 months. Fast mail order throughout Europe! Call us anytime or check out our items on Ebay. We accept Paypal & card payments. For fast overnight delivery & information on our latest stock not listed on Ebay please call us...

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Models covered:
Ford: Connect, C-max, Connect, Courier, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Galaxy, KA, Kuga, Mondeo, S-max, Transit, Transit custom



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