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BMW / Mini / Rover

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BMW / Mini / Rover Diagnostics

 We regularly undertake vehicle diagnostics and specialist electronic repairs on BMW & Mini cars, our diagnostic facilities are able scan Engine management system (DME), Immobiliser (EWS / CAS), Antilock brakes (ABS), Airbag (SRS), Instrument clusters, Auto gearbox etc. We also have 'INPA' & 'DIS' diagnostic systems and are able to undertake various component coding & VO (Vehicle Order) functions not available on most multibrand diagnostic equipment. Also if you are looking for somebody to cut & program BMW keys in Norwich then we can help! - we are also able to program new keys to BMW / Mini cars by post (To do this you will need to send us your 'EWS' or 'CAS' unit) Based in Norwich we can cater for all your BMW diagnostic & programming requirements some of which are detailed below.
BMW / Mini / Rover ECU Programming
 If you have an ECU problem with a BMW vehicle you will be aware that the Engine ECU (ECM) and Immobiliser (EWS / CAS) is programmed to each other (Locked). A diagnostic scanner used by garages & workshops is not capable of re-programming secondhand units, however we are able to bench program (Data swap or 'clone') secondhand units enabling them to be re-used needing no further programming necessary. We stock various BMW & Mini ECU's, if we don't have your unit available we offer a cloning service if you can supply a donor unit - all you have to do is simply send us your original & donor units, prices to clone an ECU or Immobiliser starts at 50+vat. We also offer a Europe wide mail order service. Call us for more information and advice on how we can help you with your requirements.

ECU's we regularly program

Bosch DDE7

Siemens DME MS43

Siemens Mini ECU

Siemens VDO Mini

Bosch DME7


Bosch DDE8

Bosch DME7


EWS Immo

CAS Immo


Mail order service available

Mini BCM Programming

BMW / Mini Body control modules
R50/53/R56/55 & 57 Body control modules (BCM / BCU or BC1) regularly get water damaged which leads to various failures including faults with Electric windows, Central locking, Aircon and lighting to name just a few faults! - replacement of this unit is not a simple swap for a secondhand part as they are programmed to the vehicles immobiliser system - We can help! We regularly re-program secondhand BCM's for re-use on another vehicle 'Cloning' of this unit is done by data transfer from the original unit to a donor unit - prices start at just 50+VAT -Please call for further information on how we can help you if you need to replace a Mini BCM

Mail order service available

BMW / MINI FRM3 Repair Service

BMW / Mini FRM3 Module repair (Recovery) / programming
 It is common for the FRM3 module (Footwell module) fitted to many BMW / Mini to get a software (EEEFlash) corruption - often after a flat battery / jump start, after 'coding' operations have been carried out with devices such as 'CARLY' or even after a diagnostic check has been carried out & fault codes have been cleared!
We can reprogram (Recover) your original FRM module correcting the software file - the FRM module will then plug straight back into your car and work correctly with no further programming necessary - If however your FRM module has been water damaged or there is hardware faults such as burnt out components we are also able to clone a secondhand unit which will also plug straight in to your car & work correctly without causing starting issues or mileage corruption. To get your FRM module repaired (Reset) all you have to do is simply send us your FRM module for repair & it will be returned in a few days back to working correctly, alternatively you can bring your car to our workshop in norwich & we can remove and refit your FRM module for you

General faults caused by FRM module corruption are: Headlights not working or not switching off, Electric windows, mirrors & sunroof not working, indicators not working & no communication with a diagnostic scanner

FRM Modules are fitted to: BMW 1 series, 3 series - E91/E92 and MINI COOPER E81, E82, E84, E87, E90, E91, E92, E70, E71, E72 R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61


Mail order service available

BMW Key programming

BMW / Mini /Rover key cutting & programming
We are able to cut & program keys for most models of BMW, Mini & BMW based Rover models, we can even program keys by post if needed - This is done by removal of the EWS or CAS unit (Usually located in the driver footwell & easily removed) Simply send us this unit & we can generate new transponders or remote keys from the immobiliser - Please call for more details!

Mail order service available

BMW / Rover instrument clusters & displays

BMW Instrument cluster correction & display replacement
 If you have had a problem with the instrument cluster on a BMW or if you have needed to replace the ECU using a 'kit' from a breakers yard / Ebay then you will be aware that the mileage is stored in not only the cluster but also in the CAS / EWS unit, sometimes also the light switch unit as well as other various units on some models - we can correct this if you have a mileage fault on your BMW / Mini (We cannot do this by mail order) - Please call us to discuss your requirements.
Do you have a BMW fitted with a 'Business' Radio /CD unit and have faults with the display screen being 'Pixelated' (Missing pixels making the display unreadable)? - Contact us for a price on repairing the display screen Mail order service available..


 A common fault with the Rover 75 which utilises a BMW system is that the milometer can spike & jump to 999,999 miles - This often happens with a battery change or jump start - If you are looking for information on how to repair this mileage changing problem we have the solution! - send us your cluster and we can repair the mileage to its correct value, we can do the complete job including removing the cluster from your Rover 75 if you are local to us or you can post us your instrument cluster (Dashboard binnacle) we will also need the true mileage reading which is stored in the LCM (Light controle module) or EWS (Immobiliser) this can be read easily by diagnostic tools (This value will be in km) please call for information..

Mail order service available

ECU Sales
 We have large stocks of ECU's for various makes & models including BMW / Mini etc for sale - tested & warranted for 3 months. Fast mail order throughout Europe! Call us anytime or check out our items on Ebay. We accept Paypal & card payments. For fast overnight delivery & information on our latest stock not listed on Ebay please call us..
BMW Airbag Crash data removal / Occupancy sensor delete

We can remove crash data from most airbag control units fitted to BMW vehicles. Crash data needs to be removed from SRS control units after a car has had collision and a safety feature has been activated such as seat belt pre-tensioners, airbags, fuel cut-off systems etc. This usually appears as the airbag warning light being illuminated and fails to extinguish when garages try to clear fault codes with a standard diagnostic scanner. Simply remove your airbag control unit, bring it to us for stripping and re-programming and usually it will be ready for collection within 24 hours, Prices start from 40+vat
A common fault with BMW Airbag systems is the airbag fault warning light illuminating due to a faulty 'Passenger occupancy sensor' We are able to code the sensor out of the airbag system in most cases - we also supply & fit 'Emulators' when this is not possible!

Mail order service available

Models covered:
BMW 1 series - E87, X1 - E84, 3 series - E36 / E46 / E90,  X3 - E83, Z3 - E36/7 Z4 - E85 / E89, 5 series - E39 / E60  X5 -E53 / E70, 6 Series - E63, X6 - E71, 7 series - E38 / E65, Z8 - E52
BMW Mini - One, Clubman, Cooper, R50 / R52 / R53 / R55 / R56 / R57 / R58 / R59
Rover 75



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