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Instrument clusters & Digital mileage correction

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 Based on Sprowston road Norwich we are experts in diagnosing and either repairing or programming & replacing clusters on all makes and model cars, we can 'clone' information from one cluster to a secondhand unit if you have a faulty cluster and wish to fit a donor unit to your car - even if your original cluster is completely dead! (Many modern cars have immobiliser information programmed to them and will not work if you plug them straight in). We also repair missing pixels on displays, commonly a problem on Audi and Peugeot units particularly. We can correct the mileage on most makes and model cars, useful if you have fitted a secondhand instrument cluster and the display is reading an incorrect mileage reading, or if your dash has had a voltage surge and sent the mileage reading haywire (Often 999999 miles can be displayed after a jump start) Peugeot / Citroen owners take note: If you fit a secondhand Body Control Unit (BSI) to you car - the mileage is stored in this unit and will overwrite the mileage on your cluster if it was from a higher mileage car! We can correct this and set your mileage to the original reading!
Instrument cluster replacement programming / cloning service
 Bench programming available for most makes & models of instrument clusters. Most instrument clusters on modern cars are programmed to the immobiliser and cannot simply be replaced with a secondhand unit. we can re-program seconhand clusters for re-use by transferring data files internally from the original unit - even from completely dead units! pictured below are 4 of the most common clusters we regularly re-program, simply bring or send us your faulty cluster with your secondhand unit and let us do the rest! Prices vary between makes so please call us for a quote and book your job today, the average price for this service is £75+ VAT & postage - After we have worked our magic you will simply have to plug your replacement cluster into your car and it will start and run with your original keys with no further programming necessary.

Instrument clusters we regularly re-program

Ford Focus mk2/3

Golf mk4

Corsa D

Astra H

Vectra C

Cluster repairs
 We regularly perform instrument cluster repairs due to faults with missing pixels from display screens or completely blank digital displays on various makes & model cars including Audi TT with Jaeger cluster suffering from missing pixels in centre display and incorrect reading fuel & temp gauges, Peugeot 206 clock / stereo display with missing pixels or completely blank screen & Renault scenic 2 dashboard display with complete lcd failure (often with the clock resetting to 00.00 when it works again and mileage corruption) We can fix these faults! Please call to see if we can help you with your display problem

Instrument clusters we regularly repair

Audi TT Jaeger Instrument cluster repair


We regularly repair pixelated displays in Audi TT instrument clusters manufactured by Jaeger, we even carry new display screens in stock ready to fit. Other problems we repair are fluctuating Fuel & temp gauges and completely non working units - If your cluster is beyond repair then we also offer a reprogramming (Cloning service) of secondhand units, meaning that you can purchase a secondhand unit from a breakers yard / Ebay, send them to us & we can transfer immobiliser & mileage data without the need of your vehicle being present or PIN codes being available, please call us for further details how we can help sort your Audi TT cluster issues!

Ford Focus MK2 Cluster repair

 After we have repaired your instrument cluster it is fully tested on our custom made test rig and needles calibrated to give accurate readings and come with a full 12 months warranty - For more information please visit our Ford diagnostics page by clicking here...

If you are looking for instructions on how to remove your instrument cluster so you can send it to us - Look no further, just check out our detailed removal & refitting guide here:

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Renault Megane mk3 mileage repair

 If you have fitted a secondhand ABS pump / ecu to a Renault Megane mk3 (Phase 3) and it had a higher mileage than your car you will have a problem with the mileage changing on your instrument cluster to the higher mileage of the secondhand unit - relax! We are able to correct the mileage on your dashboard display without the need of fitting a CAN blocker! We can simply do the whole job via the OBD socket on your car without the need of removal of your cluster or your ABS pump, we can even do this job while you wait at our workshop in Norwich - please call for price & to book an appointment.

Audi TT / A3 999 Mileage repair

 Have you changed the battery on an Audi TT or Audi A3 or had a flat battery & tried to jump start the car and had the mileage 'spike' and change to 999,999 or has an attempt been made to read the pincode from your car or adjust the mileage and had the same problem occur? Don't worry this is a common problem with Audi Dashboards! You may have been searching for how to repair this mileage changing problem on your Audi instrument cluster - Simple solution! - send us your cluster and we can repair the mileage to its correct value, please call for information..


Rover 75 '999,999' Mileage repair

 If you own a Rover 75 and have had a flat battery / jump start or you have changed the battery and had the mileage 'spike' and change to 999,999  Don't worry this is a common problem! You may have been searching for how to repair this mileage changing problem - Simple solution! - send us your cluster and we can repair the mileage to its correct value, all we need is your instrument cluster (Dashboard binnacle) and the mileage value which is stored in the LCM (Light controle module) or EWS (Immobiliser) which can be read easily by diagnostic tools (This value will be in km) please call for information..


Volvo instrument cluster repair


Volvo instrument cluster or 'DIM' (Driver Information module) fitted to V60 V70 V80 S60 S70 S80 XC90 (2000 > 2009models) regularly fail completely, sometimes intermittently at first causing the gauge needles to not operate and all the screens not illuminating, also the LED bulbs do not come on except for the engine management light which stays on permanently, often the ‘SRS-AIRBAG SERVICE URGENT’ message will appear in the information screen - We can permanently fix this problem! - Simply send us your faulty cluster and we will repair & fully test your cluster before sending it back, please call us for further information..

Check out our our bench test of a Volvo cluster after being refurbished - all clusters are tested before & after repairs & come with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty

Renault Scenic 2
Mileage correction
 Digital mileage correction on a cars speedometer may be needed in various circumstances, if you have a had a secondhand instrument cluster fitted to your car it will read an incorrect amount - many garages are capable of fitting a used cluster but do not know how to adjust the mileage to the cars true reading, we can correct this! Other reasons include voltage spikes, this can lead to a speedometer reading 99,999 miles or 00,000 miles, faulty Renault Scenic clusters can cause the mileage to jump 10's of thousands of miles! If an ECU kit has been fitted to a vehicle to rectify an ECU fault this can often lead to a reading of the donor car being displayed. If you have problems such as these don't hesitate to call us to see if we can help with your car mileage display issue - we can fix many car mileage correction problems without removal of the instrument cluster by accessing data through the cars OBD diagnostic socket and can be done while you wait at our workshop in Norwich. Car digital mileage correct price starts from £50 - Mail order service available by removal of the cluster - call for details

Mileage correction is available for:
Alfa Romeo - 145/146, 147 (OBD), 156, 159 (OBD), 164, 166, Brera (OBD), GT, GTV, Mito, Spyder

- Atlantic, Caponord, Pegaso, Scarabeo, Shiver, Tuono

- A1 (OBD) A2, A3 (OBD), A4 (OBD), A5/Q5 (OBD) A6 (OBD), A7 (OBD), A8 (OBD), Q3 (OBD), Q5 (OBD), Q7 (OBD), DSG (OBD), TT

Bajaj - Rouser

Bentley - Arnage, Turbo,

- E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46, E60, E65, E85, E90, Z3, 5 series, X5-E53, X3-E83 (Must remove EWS3 / EWS4, LCM, CAS Units)

- Allure, Cadilac SX4 2010 (OBD), Century, Enclave, Lacrosse 2010 (OBD), Park avenue, Regal, Rendezvous, Riviera, 

- Alero,
Alpheon 2010 (OBD), Astra (OBD), Avalanche, Aveo, Aveo 2011(OBD), Blazer, Cadillac SRX4 2010 (OBD), Camaro 2010 (OBD), Captiva, Cavalier, Corsa (OBD), Corvette, Cruze 2010 (OBD), Cobalt 2012 (OBD), Envoy, Epica, Equinox, Equinox 2010 (OBD), Evanda, Impala, Jimmy, Kalos, Lacetti, Lacetti 2010 (OBD), Lumina, Malibu, Matiz, Onix (OBD), Meriva (OBD), Montana, Monte Carlo, Nubira, Optra, Orlando 2012 (OBD), Pickup, S10, Saturn (OBD), Savana, Silverado, Sonic 2012 - (OBD), Spark, Spin (OBD), Suburban, Tacuma, Tahoe, Tracker, Trailblazer, Uplander, Urban (OBD), Vectra (OBD), Venture, Viva (OBD), Vivant

300C 2004+ (OBD), 300M, Aspen 2007+ (OBD), Caliber 2007+ (OBD), Caravan 2008+ (OBD), Cirrus, Commander (OBD), Concorde, Compas (OBD), Crossfire, Durango 2004-2006 (OBD), Durango 2006+ (OBD), Grand Cherokee 2005-2010 (OBD), Grand Cherokee 2011-2013 (OBD), Intrepid, Neon, Pacyfica (OBD), Patriot (OBD), Plymouth, PT Cruiser (OBD), RAM (OBD), SRI, Stratus, Town car, Town&Country 2008+ (OBD), Voyager 2008 (OBD), Wrangler 2010+ (OBD), SRI5 (OBD), Voyager

- Berlingo, C-crosser, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, DS3, DS5, Evasion, Jumper (OBD), Jumpy, Nemo (OBD), Picasso, Saxo, Xantia, Xsara,

- Logan (OBD), Solenza, Dokker (OBD), Duster (OBD), Lodgy (OBD), Sandero (OBD)

Daewoo - Kalos, Lacetti, Magnus, Rezzo

Daf - LDV Convoy

Dafra - Apache, Citycom

- Altis, Coure, Delta, Mira, Sirion, Storia, Terios, YRV

- Caliber (OBD), Caravan (OBD), Durango (OBD), Journey (OBD), Magnum, Nitro, RAM, Stratus, Voyager, 

- Multistrada

- Adventure, Albea (OBD), Bravo (OBD), Brava, Cinquencento, Croma (OBD), Doblo (OBD), Ducato (OBD), Fiorino (OBD), Freemot (OBD), Grande Punto (OBD), Idea, Iveco (OBD), Marea, Marengo, Multipla, Palio (OBD), Panda (OBD), Punto (OBD), Punto Evo (OBD), Scudo (OBD), Sedici, Seicento, Sienna (OBD), Stilo (OBD), Strada (OBD), Tempra, Ulysse, Uno (OBD), 500 (OBD)

- Aerostar, Connect (OBD), Cougar, Courier, C-max (OBD), C-max colour screen (OBD), Edge (OBD), Escort, Explorer, Expedition, Fiesta, Fiesta 2006> (OBD), Figo (OBD), Focus mk1, Focus mk2 (OBD), Focus mk3 (OBD), Fusion, Galaxy (OBD), KA2 (OBD), Kuga (OBD), Maverick, Mondeo, Mondeo Colour screen (OBD), Mustang, Puma, Ranger, Scorpio, S-max (OBD), Taurus, Tourneo, Transit, Transit 2012> (OBD)

Harley Davidson

Car - Accord, ATX, Avancier, Capa, City, Civic, CRV, Element, Fit, FRV, HRV, Inspire, Integra, Jazz, Legend, Logo, Mobilio, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, S2000, Sabre, Shadow, Shuttle, Silverwing, Spike, Stepwagon, Stream
                Bike - CBR, CG, Hornet, Pantheon, Shadow, Twister, Varanero, VTR, VTX, X11

Hummer - H2, H3

- Accent, Azera, Elantra 2011> (OBD), HR, i20 (OBD), i30 (OBD), Getz, Grandeur, H1, H200, HB20, Lantra, Lavita, Matrix, Santa Fe, Solaris 2011> (OBD), Sonata, 2015, Starex, Terracan, Trajet, Tucson, Veloster, Verna, X55, XG30, XG350

- Aska, Bighorn, Dmax, Forward, NQR, Rodeo, Trooper

- Daily 2007> (OBD), 29L12, 35S13, 35S15, 50C13, Vertis

- S-type, X-type, XF,

- Cherokee, Commander (OBD), Compass (OBD),  Grand cherokee, Liberty, Patriot (OBD), SRI 5 (OBD), Unlimited, Wrangler (OBD)

John Deer
- 6610 tractor

- ER6N, ZXR6, Ninja, RX-9, Z750, ZX6R,

- Carens, Carnival, Cee'd 2011 (OBD), Cerato, Clarus, Kondo,  Optima 2011 (OBD), Magentis 2011 (OBD), Opirus, Optima, Picanto 2015 (OBD), Rio 2011 (OBD), Sedona, Sepia, Shomma, Shuma2, Sorento 2011 (OBD), Soul 2011 (OBD), Sportage 2011 (OBD)

Lamborghini - Gallardo 2012> (OBD)

- Delta 2008 (OBD), Kappa, Libra, Musa 2008 (OBD), Phedra, Thesis, Y, Kappa, Lybra

- ES300, ES330, GS300, GS400, GS430, GS470, GX470, IS200, IS250, IS300, IS350, IS470, LC200, LS400, LS430, LS460, LS600, LX430, LX470, LX570, RX300, RX330, RX350, RX400, SC430

- 2, 3, 323, 6, 626, Atenza, Axela, B2200, B2500, B2900, Bongo, BT50, Capella, CX7, CX9, Demio, E2200, Familia, MPV, Pickup, Premacy, Protege, RX8, Titan, Tribute, Verisa, Xedos9

- A class (OBD), B class, C class W202 (OBD), W203, Citan (OBD), CLK W208 (OBD), E class W210 (OBD), G Class, GL, ML W163 (OBD), R, Sprinter W906 Speed limiter (OBD), S class, SLK, Viano, Vaneo, V Class, Vito (OBD),

- Cooper (Must remove Cas3, BCU, Cluster)

- Airtrack, Carisma, Colt, Delica, Diamante, Dingo, Dion, Eclipse, Eksport, Fuso, Galant, Grandis, I, L200, L300, Lancer, Legnum, Minica, Mirage, Montero, Outlander, Pajero, Rosa, RVR, Spacegear, Spacestar, Spacewagon, Topa,

- Almera, Altima, Armada, Atlas, Atleon, Avenir, Bluebird, Cefiro, Cube, Doublecab, Elgrand, Fairlady, Frontier, Gloria, Juke,  Interstar (OBD), Laurel, Liberty, March, Maxima, Micra, Murano, Navara, Note, Pathfinder, Patrol, Presia, Presage, Primastar, Primastar 3 (OBD), Primera, Pulsar, Sentra, Qashqai, Quest, Regulus, Rouge, Safari, Sentra, Serena, Silvia, Skyline, Stager, Sunny, Teana, Terrano, Tiida, Tino, Titan, Vnette, Versa, Wingroad, Xtera, X-trail

Opel / Vauxhall
- Adam (OBD), Agila (OBD), Antara, Astra G (OBD), Astra H, Astra J (OBD), Cascada, Corsa C (OBD), Corsa D, Combo C (OBD), Combo D 2011> (OBD), Frontera, Insignia (OBD), Meriva A (OBD), Meriva B, Mokka (OBD), Monteray, Movano1, Movano2, Movano3 (OBD), Omega, Senator, Signum, Vectra B (OBD), Vectra C, Vivaro, Vivaro 2 (OBD), Viavaro 3 (OBD), Zafira A (OBD), Zafira B, Zafira C (OBD)

- 1007, 106, 107, 206, 207, 208, 2008, 3008, 301, 306, 307, 308, 406, 407, 4007, 5008, 508, 607, 806, 807, Boxer (OBD), Bipper (OBD), C-Elysee, Expert, Partner, Ranch,

- Beverly, MP3

- 911, Boxter, Carrera, Cayenne (OBD)

- Clio 2, Clio 3 (OBD), Clio 4 (OBD), Espace, Fluence (OBD), Kaleos (OBD), Kangoo, Kangoo 3 (OBD) Laguna, Laguna 2, Laguna 3 (OBD), Logan, Master, Master 2, Master 3 (OBD), Megane, Megane 2 (OBD), Megane 3 (OBD), Megane scenic, Modus, Scenic, Symbol, Thalia, Trafic, Trafic 2 (OBD), Trafic 3 (OBD), Twingo

- Land Rover Discovery, Discovery LR4 2009 (OBD), Freelander, Freelander LR2 (OBD) 2014> (OBD), LR3, Rover 45, 75, Range Rover Evoque (OBD), Sport, Supercharged

Rolls Royce - Phantom

- 95, Sport

- Alhambra, Altea, Cordoba, Exeo (OBD), Ibiza (OBD), Inca, Leon (OBD), Toledo (OBD)

- Fabia (OBD), Octavia (OBD), Roomster (OBD), Superb (OBD), Yeti (OBD)

- For Two, For Four, Roadster

Ssang Yong
- Action (OBD), Koranto (OBD), Kyron, Rexton

- B4, Baja outback, Forester, GTi, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, R2, Tribeka,

-   Car - Aerio, Alto, Escudo, Forenza, Fun, Grand Vitara, Hilander, Ignis, Intruder, Jimny, Liana, MR Wagon, Splash, Swift, SX4, Wagon-R / YNS, XL7
- Burgman, FX-650, GSF, GSX, GSXR, Hayabusa, R-100, SV-650

- 4 Runner, Allion, Alphard, Alteza, Altiz, Ardeo, Auris, Avalon, Avensis, Aygo, BB, BC, Brevis, Caldina, Cami, Camry, Carina, Celica, Chaser, Corolla, Corolla E12, Corolla 2013> (OBD), Cressida, Cresta, Crown, Cruger, Duet, Dyna, Echo, Emina, Estima, Etios, Fielder, FJ, Gaya, Gracia, Granvia, Haria, HDJ100, Hiace, Highlander, Hilux, Ipsum, Isis, Kruger, Land cruiser, Lightace, Lucida, Matrix, MR2, Nadia, Noah, Odissey, Opa, Passo, Picnic, Platz, Porte, Prado, Premio, Previa, Prius, Probox, Progress, Pronartd, Qwolis, Raum, Rav4, Regius, RunX, Scion, Sequoia, Siena, Sienta, Soara, Solara, Spacio, Succeed, Surf, Tacoma, Town ace, Toyo ace, Tundra, Verossa, Vios, Visra, Vista, Vitz, Voltz, Voxy, Will Cypha, Will VS, Windom, Wish, XA, Yaris,

- C30, S40, S60, S70, S80, V40, V50, V70, XC70, XC90

- Amaro (OBD), Amarok (OBD),Beetle, Bora, Caddy (OBD), Corrado, Crafter, Eurovan, Fox (OBD), Golf 3, Golf 4 (OBD), Golf 5 (OBD), Golf 6 (OBD), Jetta, LT, Lupo, Passat B5 (OBD), Passat B6 (OBD), Passat B7 (OBD), Passat CC (OBD), Polo, Polo 4 (OBD), Polo 5 (OBD), Phaeton, Pointer, Saviero, Scirocco (OBD), Sharan (OBD), Touran (OBD), Touareg (OBD), Tiguan (OBD), Transporter T4 T5 (OBD), UP (OBD), Vento

- CBR 250, Dragstar, Fazer, FJR, FZS, Grizzly, Majesty, R1, R6, TDM, YZF


Legal disclaimer - We offer this service for legal purposes only - It is an offence under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 to sell a vehicle showing a lower or higher mileage than the true mileage - unless the buyer is informed of the true reading.
If the vehicle mileage cannot be guaranteed you must display a disclaimer on the odometer the same size or larger than the odometer itself. We will not be held responsible for any illegal misuse of our service. We correct digital mileage when it has been corrupted for one or more of the following reasons:
1 - New or second hand instruments fitted to the vehicle.
2 - The vehicle has been converted from km/h to mp/h and has an incorrect odometer reading.
3 - The cluster reading has been corrupted (Voltage 'spikes' from jump starting, changing battery etc)
4 - An ECU kit has been fitted to a vehicle



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