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Citroen / Peugeot


 We regularly undertake vehicle diagnostics and specialist electronic repairs including electronic control module replacement to Citroen & Peugeot vehicles. If you have an ECU fault with your Peugeot / Citroen you will be aware that you cannot simply replace your faulty ECU with a secondhand unit as they are programmed (Locked) to your immobiliser system along with the BSI (Body control module). However we are able to re-program a secondhand ECU or BSI by transferring the data files from your original faulty unit. This is known as 'Bench programming' or 'cloning' the donor unit will then simply 'plug & play' with no further programming necessary using your original keys and displaying its correct mileage. We have hundreds of ECU's in stock, please call us to see if we have one available. If we don't have a unit in stock or if you have already purchased a secondhand unit & need us to program it to your car we offer an ECU 'cloning' service. ECU cloning starts at 50+vat - Call us for more information and advice on how we can help you with your requirements


Ecu Programming

ECU's we regularly replace:

Bosch ME7.4.4 Series

Bosch ME7.4.5 Series

Siemens SID Series

Bosch EDC15 Series

Marelli IAW48P Series

Delphi DDCR Series

Lucas DCN2 Series

Bosch MA3 Series

Siemens / JC J34P Series

Sagem S2000 Series

Bosch EDC16 Series

Marelli IAW6LP Series

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Body control modules & Clusters

 The body control module or 'BSI' on Peugeot / Citroen vehicles is central to the immobiliser system, this is the control unit that holds the key information and and allows the vehicle to start once it has established the correct key code, Engine ECU pin code and BSI pin code match. It is therefore not possible to simply replace a faulty BSI with a used unit, furthermore the vehicle mileage is stored in this unit meaning that if you plug in a secondhand BSI into your vehicle not only will it not operate the remote central locking it will not start the vehicle and - if a higher value overwrite the display on the instrument cluster. A diagnostic scanner used in garages & workshops is not capable of re-programming secondhand units - We regularly replace BSI units by transferring the data files from a faulty unit to a replacement donor unit before fitting (Bench programming or 'Cloning'). Using this technique the item becomes 'Plug & Play' meaning it will simply plug in and work with your existing keys with no further programming necessary, the mileage files are also transferred so your correct mileage will be displayed when fitted. Call us to see if we have a citroen BSI in stock for your car. If you have already purchased a BSI & need it programmed we offer a 'cloning service' from 50+vat, Simply send us your old faulty BSI & your donor unit. If you have plugged in a secondhand BSI & corrupted your mileage reading we can correct the mileage reading, to do this you will have to send us both the cluster and BSI. Please call for further information.

BSI units we regularly replace

Manufactured by: Siemens - Valeo - Johnson Controls & Sagem

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 We have large stocks of Peugeot/ Citroen 'Plug & Play' ECU's & 'Plug & Play' or 'virginised' (Ready for programming with Peugeot Planet - Citroen Lexia) Body control modules etc for sale - tested & warranted for 3 months. Fast mail order throughout Europe! Call us anytime or check out our items on Ebay. We accept Paypal & card payments. For fast overnight delivery & information on our latest stock not listed on Ebay please call us...

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Peugeot Display repair

 Do you have a Peugeot 206 with a faulty clock / radio display? Usual faults are missing pixels or completely blank display - we can fix this! Simply send us your faulty unit and we will fully strip & refurbish your faulty unit. Items replaced include: bulb connector often broken from circuit board, blown bulbs replaced and most importantly a new ribbon connector fitted between the circuit board and LCD display, refurbished units are tested on our test rig before dispatch, call for more info & to book a repair.

Click here to view our instrument cluster / display page

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Airbag Crash data removal

 We can remove crash data from most airbag control units fitted to Peugeot / Citroen vehicles. Crash data needs to be removed from SRS control units after a car has had collision and a safety feature has been activated such as seat belt pre-tensioners, airbags, fuel cut-off systems etc. This usually appears as the airbag warning light being illuminated and fails to extinguish when garages try to clear fault codes with a standard diagnostic scanner. Simply remove your airbag control unit, bring it to us for stripping and re-programming and usually it will be ready for collection within 24 hours. Crash data removal starts from 40+vat - please call for more info

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Full or part Payments accepted on vehicle purchases & servicing with credit & debit cards 
debit cards are exempt from transaction fee, credit card payments are subject to a 3% charge.


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